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Comprehensive Resource Model Consultation Services

Individual Consultation


Consultations with Becky includes:


~Reviewing and integrating the CRM protocols/procedures

~Support to be more effective with your work

~Constructive feedback

~Ideas to strengthen your creativity and enhance your work

~Learning what is blocking the therapist from doing effective work

~Ideas on how to work with specific case issues


Individual CRM Consultation can be tailored for you as you seek to cultivate and enhance your usage of CRM within your practice. General consultation can assist in strengthening, mastering, and integrating into your existing practice basic skills in the protocols of the CRM Model.


CRM Consultations are currently conducted via Zoom.


Group Consultation


Becky has an ongoing monthly consultation group for those who are trained on how to Utilize CRM with Children & Adolescents. 

Each group is 2 hours and runs from 9am - 11am CENTRAL time.


The price is $50 per person.


The dates for the remainder of 2022 are:

June 25 (Sat)

July 23 (Sat)

August 20 (Sat)

September 24 (Sat)

October 8 (Sat)

November 19  (Sat)

December 10 (Sat)


To register and pay go to this link on my website: a couple of days before the study group. (A new registration link will be posted on my website each month.) 


As always, I will send all who register a link to the actual study group on the day before.


To discuss the potential of your CRM Consultation with Becky, please contact Becky at (615) 861-8832 or

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